One Day Graduate course on the Estimation of Scale Economies in Education – December 13, 2016

The Top Institute for Evidence Based Education Research at Maastricht University organizes a
one day graduate course on advanced empirical modeling. During the course, participants will
explore the relationship between school (district) size, cost per student, student outcomes,
and the organization of school districts. To disentangle scale economies due to class, school,
and district size, we apply a flexible model, controlling for a wide range of socioeconomic
characteristics. We show that assumptions on the functional form (e.g. Cobb-Douglas, Fourier)
strongly affect the estimated scale economies and offer two possible extensions to allow for
more flexibility in the estimation method. Besides an introduction on the empirical models,
the course foresees in a hands-on training by the use of Stata.

Date:  Tuesday December 13, 2016 from 10am till 4pm.
Venue: Top Institute for Evidence Based Education Research
Kapoenstraat 2 Maastricht University

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